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1st ENSAF workshop

October 19-21, 2016 - Sevilla, Spain


The 1st ENSAF workshop aimed to establish links of the small European accelerator facilities, which participate in the European project ENSAR2, along with other key small European facilities. The objective was to coordinate the efforts to contribute to the objectives of the ENSAR2 project, which are mainly carried out in large-scale European facilities.
The workshop included an overview of all the laboratories present, done by its Director; technical presentations on the accelerators by the accelerator operator/engineers, and presentations on selected topics showing the relevance of small accelerator research for the large facilities, which can be done by key scientists.
The workshop also envisaged a round table on accelerator management, a round table on accelerator operation and a round table on synergies between small and large facilities, and training opportunities.


The meeting had 36 participants from 11 small-scale facilities in Europe:

  • RBI, Zagreb, Croatia.
  • NPI, Rez, Czech Republic.
  • ATOMKI, Debrecen, Hungary.
  • IST, Lisboa, Portugal.
  • JSI, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • CMAM, Madrid, Spain.
  • RUBION, Bochum, Germany.
  • Fysisk Inst, Oslo, Norway.
  • NCRSD, Athens, Greece.
  • INFN, Legnaro, Italy.
  • CNA, Sevilla, Spain.


There were 28 oral presentations, 3 round tables and 4 posters. The electronic proceedings of the conference containing the programme, participants and presentations are available on the workshop website.
The main conclusions of the workshop were summarised at the three round tables.