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FAQ on specific questions on ENSAR2 monitoring


  • Is it possible to hire a PhD student on ENSAR2 funds?

Yes, for the European Commission, a PhD student is an Early Stage Researcher. Therefore, there is no difference between a PhD student ( with a proper employment contract) and a Post-Doc.


  • Is it possible to invite experts in ENSAR2 meetings?

Travel and subsistence costs may relate to the personnel of the beneficiaries as well as to external experts that participate in the action on an ad hoc basis (e.g. attending specific meetings), if the experts’ participation is envisaged in Annex 1. In this case, the beneficiary may reimburse the experts or handle the travel arrangements itself (and be invoiced directly). There is no distinction between travelling in or outside of Europe.

Check full text on p.75 of Annotated Grant Agreement.


  • How to use personnel budget in ENSAR2?

It is possible to use it:

- to hire new, temporary workers

- to declare existing personnel


  • Why to fill time sheets?

Time sheets are mandatory for temporary and permanent workers working at part time for ENSAR2.

They are recommended for personnel working full time for the project.

Time sheets have to be stored by institutions and will be requested by financial auditors.

Time sheet template.

Detailed information on p.159-160 of Annotated Grant Agreement.