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Invitation to the international workshop: "Nuclear Physics Research-Technology coaction 2"

The event will take place 6-8 november 2019 at the Centro Nacional de Aceleradores, Av. Thomas Alva Edison 7, Sevilla, Spain.

The event is addressed to researchers, technologists, laboratories and companies working in nuclear physics and related technologies. Accelerators, particle detectors, vacuum systems,
electronics, data acquisition, isotope production, irradiation, PET imaging, dosimetry, environmental radioactivity, radio therapy, proton therapy, are fully relevant fiels for this workshop. The workshop aims to intensify the process of technology transfer, research and development cooperation as well as scientific and innovative activities.

Workshop objectives:
Present recent achievement of nuclear science and technology to be implemented into industrial practices and experimental techniques:
Present the achievements of industry in the area of new devices and tools that can be used in  nuclear research and development projects.
Identify research and technology needs for innovative nuclear projects and products,
Facilitate opportunities for networking, collaboration, and exchange of ideas between research laboratories and companies in nuclear physics related fields.
To debate gaps and priorities for sustainable development to optimizing efforts in research and technology,
To discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities in the new areas of science and  industry.

Workshop structure:
There will be short oral presentations (15 min + 5 min discussion), focused on aspects that can promote research-industry collaboration. We envisage:
- Laboratory presentations, with special emphasis in their new facilities.
- Researcher presentations of new discoveries which can lead to, or require, new industry equipment.
- Company presentations of new products which can contribute to present research.
- Presentation of successful collaboration experience of research institutions and companies.

There will also be the opportunity of bilateral meetings (Brokerage event), between researchers and companies. These meetings will be arranged in advance, and will not overlap with the oral presentation. The bilateral meetings should be understood as preliminary contacts, which may lead, or not, to further collaborations. All participants are encouraged to register also for the brokerage event, so that relevant meetings can be identified and arranged.

The official language of the workshops and the brokerage meeting will be English.

Contact: ; ; 

Registration for the workshop:

Registration for the brokerage event:

Chair Committee:

Krzysztof Rusek,Joaquin

Jose Gomez Camacho

Marie-Helene Moscatello

Participation in the workshop and brokerage event is free. However, the number of participants is limited to 100, so early registration is advised. Participants should arrange their own travel plans and accomodation. A list of convenient hotels will be provided in the second circular.

1st announcement

Relevant Deadlines:
- Abstract submission for oral presentations: 15 September.
- Acceptance of the oral presentations: 30 September
- Registration to the workshop: From 15 June to 15 October.
- Registration for the brokerage event: From 15 June to 15 October.
- Preliminary program of the workshop and the brokerage meetings: 30 October