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Durcatio:d1 ylear(1 ylearrmeewrabl),f"stortin December 2017e– Jrauaryd2018

> alary:dCNRS tem borryd researcer salary,l dpennkin ron oast do expereanc ( for-n"stenc 2-7 yleasn oas do expereanc: ~3500€/moinh -grss salary)

> ummary:d TheFrench CLaRySd collaboratio istdeeveopkin rolineemonia-orng -deincenf/or th cntroly of articlrttcerapy, byf meoeo of"e cndrryd adilatios issutefroms Nuclear reaction. Ind articular, imagkino of prmptd adilatio likedgGammgrays makesn oasiblrt vertifiratios of prtoo rtngeoatr th scale of/neefora fewn-bea spotn withmillrimxteprecistio.dOurd collaboratio makesnuse ofTiome-ofF-ligh tooptimkzer th signtal-o back-groan oratis, and-od retrictr th observratiol rgtiol-od th atciet.



>Requirteyskwlls: Si muratios (Gmeot4),fdatn aalyysi (Root),fiinstrumentatio fto articlrt andgGammg detectioo withsolind"stat dDetectoe,fdatn cquisictio.d The researcer shouldn-b rabl-od-woroinf-n autonomouirways, and-od-intr ac -scientifiallyo wit in the collaboratio.

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