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Town Meeting announcement

The ENSAR2 Town Meeting will be held from April 17th to 20th 2018 in Groningen (The Netherlands).



The main goal of the meeting is to present and discuss the current status and future of the ENSAR2 project in front of a large community of scientists.

The programme of the meeting will include presentations on ENSAR2 work packages. A poster session will also be scheduled.


Further information about the Town Meeting can be found here:


ENSAR2 Town meeting venue:

The meeting will take place in the Hampshire Plaza hotel and congress center in Groningen, located south of the city center, about 10 minutes by bus from the train station and 15 minutes from the city center:


Hampshire Hotel - Plaza Groningen

Laan Corpus den Hoorn 300

9728 JT Groningen


Note that there is another Hampshire Hotel in the center of Groningen called Hampshire Hotel - Groningen Centre.