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Consortium Management

The FISCO network (NA01) constitutes the effective consortium management. It will coordinate all technical, scientific, financial, administrative, contractual and legal activities of the ENSAR I3-project.

In addition, the management will take care of the "knowledge management" and the implementation of competitive calls to find new participants. It will oversee issues concerning gender equality and science, society issues, and all other issues related to the research activities conducted within the project. It will also contribute to further integration of all the research activities of the participating infrastructures. An appropriate management framework linking together all the project components will be implemented.

Due to the size and complexity of the ENSAR Integrating Activity, this requires a specially constituted FISCO management team with dedicated staff having the necessary skills.

In addition to management of the complex consortium, FISCO will be responsible for the dissemination of knowledge and outreach activities to society in general. FISCO will act in this respect for all participants in this Integrated Activity. The participants in ENSAR deem the publication of results of importance not only for the scientific community, but also for reaching out to society and industry. This is clearly a main objective of this IA. The multidisciplinary applications and some of the work packages have direct benefit to society.

ENSAR will also undertake development and maintenance of common project-related databases for the use of the whole community participating directly and indirectly in this Project.

ENSAR Coordinator: Muhsin Harakeh (KVI/GSI/GANIL)
FISCO team: