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FUSHE 2012 – ENSAR-ECOS Workshop on FUture SuperHeavy Element Strategy

Erbismühle – Weilrod, Germany - May 13th – 16th 2012



We are pleased to announce the first ENSAR-ECOS Workshop on FUture Super-Heavy Element Strategy – FUSHE 2012.

The ENSAR-ECOS Workshop on FUture Super-Heavy Element Strategy – FUSHE 2012 will provide a forum for the SHE community to discuss and define the future strategy to reach the common goal – the establishment and investigation of the region of spherical shell-stabilised super-heavy nuclei – the so called “Island of Stability”.


• ENSAR (European Nuclear Science and Applications Research) is an initiative of the European nuclear-science community, funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).
ECOS is a European initiative for high-intensity stable-beam facilities, participating in the ENSAR FP7 program with a Network Activity (NA). It has a specific objective (Task 2) to promote synergies in the field of Super-Heavy Element (SHE) research, described as follows: "For this task ECOS is aiming for bringing together the groups with research activities on SHE using high- intensity ion beams for an exchange of new ideas and techniques related to the use of very high intensity stable beams. In particular, Task 2 will propose an optimisation of resources (beam time, target technology, detectors) in the field of SHE research among TNA facilities."

Latest news:
• 25th of September: Forum for the writing group
• 16th of May: conference's picture
• 15th of May: summaries of the talks
• 8th of May: last circular
• 4th of May: list of participants
• 1st of March: registration is open until the 15th of April
• 27th of February: second circular

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