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Summaries and talks

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• Presentations:

Sunday the 13th of May - Introduction session

- FUSHE Structure, Dieter Ackermann

- The ECOS 'Working Group', Fayçal Azaiez

Overview talks:
- Experiment and instrumentation, Matti Leino
- Theory, Hans Feldmeier
- Strategy, Mark Stoyer

Wrap-up contributions:
- Stellar synthesis of SHE, Hirouki Koura
- Open questions for theory, Elena Litvinova


Monday the 14th of May - SHE synthesis session

Overview talks:
- Synthesis - Methods and requirements, Yuri Oganessian
- Experiment: Reaction mechanism studies, Walt Loveland
- Theory: Fusion, fission and multi-nucleon transfer, Valeri Zagrebaev

Wrap-up contributions:
SHE Structure I session
Overview talks:
Tuesday the 15th of May - SHE Structure II session
- Prospects for ion mobility studies at SHE, Mustapha Laatiaoui
- Vacuum chromatography with SHE, Heavy Elements Group, PSI
- MIVOC enriched 50Ti and 54Cr beam...

Wednesday the 16th of May - SHE as a unified picture session

Overview talks:
- Novel aspects: New observables, methods and ideas from adjacent fields, Piet van Duppen
- New projects: Separators, spectrometers and more, Hervé Savajols
- Understanding SHE: relevant model developments, Michael Bender

Wrap-up constributions:
- Mass determination at the BGS, Ken Gregorich
- Extension of the CEDFT relevant for SHN, Elena Litvinova
- Overview of Time-Dependent Energy-Density-Functional approach for heavy ion collisions, Benoit Avez
- Calorimetric Low Temperature Detectors: An Option for A - Identification of Super-Heavy Elements?, Peter Egelhof
- Super-heavy elements in China, Shan-Gui Zhou

Summary and conclusion session

Overview talks:
- Theory, Witold Nazarewicz and Dario Vretenar
- Experiment, Rodi Herzberg and Christoph Düllmann
- Instrumentation, Juha Uusitalo and Christelle Stodel