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What is FCG?

The Facility Coordination Group (FCG) is set up through the European project ENSAR, consisting of the directors, the chairmen of the local Programme Advisory Committees (PAC’s) of the ENRI participating laboratories and the coordinator of ENSAR.

This FCG activates and promotes access to the joint facilities. Furthermore, the FCG will meet once a year to review the working procedures of the various PAC’s and will participate in the definition and the improvement of the criteria for access. Beyond the confidentiality aspect of the proposals submitted to the various PAC’s, which has to be respected, the FCG will give advice on the strategic coordination of the scientific programmes and proposals after their evaluation by the local PAC’s. Based on the reports of the local PAC chairs, the FCG discusses and makes recommendations on common policies for the proposed experimental programmes, for allocation of the appropriate infrastructure, for allocation of financial support for transnational access in the framework of ENSAR, for the eligibility criteria applied and for exchange of best practices.

Therefore, the mission of this overarching Facility Coordinating Group would be to do the coordination and harmonisation between the ENSAR infrastructures and also their PAC’s and thus go a long way in the spirit of the ‘Integrating activity’ programme through integration of the transnational access.