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2nd THEXO Meeting

22-24 October 2012 - ECT*, Trento, Italy


Dear colleague, Dear ENSAR member,

I would like to invite you to the 2nd Collaboration Meeting in the framework of the ENSAR Joint Research Activity on Nuclear Theory which is held as an open workshop with the title




The workshop takes place at the European Centre of Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT*) at Trento, Italy in the period 22-24 October 2012.


The workshop aims at a discussion of recent advances in nuclear theory related to the nuclear research at present and future radioactive ion beam facilities. In this workshop emphasis is given to the status and recent developments of theory for reactions and nuclear astrophysics. The workshop will comprise the following topics
  • Transfer Reactions: Theory and Experiment
  • Coupled-Channel Techniques and Applications
  • Breakup Reactions and Coupling to the Continuum
  • Software tools for reaction calculations
  • Nuclear reactions relevant for Astrophysics
  • Microscopic approaches to optical potentials
  • Effective interactions for nuclear structure and reaction calculations
  • Nuclear structure information for reaction calculations
  • Nuclear structure approaches for exotic nuclei
The progress achieved within the European project ENSAR will be presented and discussed in the general context of theory developments.
We aim at an intensive discussion and are strongly interested in contributions on recent developments in these topics, especially on nuclear reaction theory and their applications to astrophysics. Please inform us, if you are working in this field and you want to participate. Please also indicate whether you want to give a contribution, there is still space for few presentations.

Please register soon as the number of participants is limited. Registration for the collaboration meeting is open on the ECT* WebPage under the item of the collaboration meeting. There you will also find the current information on the program.

It would be a pleasure to welcome you.

For the Organizing Team,

H Leeb and F-K Thielemann

P.-H. Heenen, J. Dobaczewski, H. Leeb, A. Richter, F.-K. Thielemann