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3rd EGAN Data-Analysis Training Course

October 1 - 3, 2014 - LNL, Padova, Italy


The third EGAN training course will be organized October 1-3 2014 at the Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro, Legnaro (Padova), Italy. The lectures will cover issues related to the AGATA array: pulse-shape analysis with germanium detectors (timing, double hits, etc.), tracking at high multiplicity and high energy, polarization and AGATA data analysis from GSI campaign and training for the upcoming GANIL campaign with AGATA coupled to VAMOS.

The lectures will be given by a group of international experts: D. Bazzacco (Padova), P.G. Bizzeti (Firenze), A. Lemasson (GANIL), A. Lopez-Martens(CSNSM-Orsay), L. Cortes (TU-Darmstadt).  Timetable is provided on the school web site:

In addition to the lectures, a series of practical data-analysis sessions is planned. This will consist mainly on computer-based sessions covering the use of data-analysis codes and data replay.  A personal laptop is advisable for a better organization of the practical sessions.



A link to the online registration page is available at the following address: The deadline for registration is September 30th, 2014.



The lodging at the LNL guest house is for free, till available places. If you plan to book a room there, please follow the link:

A list of hotels in Padova is also provided on the school web site.



A limited number of grants are available upon motivated request. The application form should be sent to before August 25th.


Looking forward to seeing you in Legnaro,

Best regards,

Daniele Mengoni

on behalf of the Organizing Committee