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THEXO - Nuclear Structure and Astrophysical Applications

July 8-12, 2013 - Trento, Italy


The workshop is organized within the framework of the nuclear structure program ENSAR supported by the European Community and its joint research activity THEXO on theory. The aim of THEXO is to support to the experimental work performed at the experimental infrastructure of ENSAR. The goal of the workshop is to put together theoreticians and experimentalists to present and discuss the main achivements made in THEXO.

Four topics will be developed during the meeting:

1) Relation between theory and experiment (single particle levels, transition probabilities, …)

2) Density Functionals and Correlations

3) Masses

4) Nuclear equation of state.

This workshop will be an opportunity to show the importance of “good” theory for understanding experimental data. The theory talks should therefore be pedagogic and in principle not devoted to topics unrelated to experiment

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